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Una modelo muestra la verdad sobre las fotos en Instagram

Una modelo muestra la verdad sobre las fotos en Instagram. Danae Mercer es una modelo y periodista estadounidense que no todas las fotos que vemos en Instagram son tan perfectas.

Danae tiene 33 años y muestra las fotos tal y como son con estrías, celulitis, manchas, arrugas, barriguita y etc. En cada una de sus publicaciones la onstagramer explica que todo son trucos de luz y poses. En la misma publicación muestra un cuerpo bronceado y delgado y también lo muestra sin trucos donde se ve la celulitis y el exceso de grasa.

Muestra los trucos para que una foto se vea perfecta en Instagram

Según Danae la gente no debe compararse con algunas modelos utilizando filtros y retoques de edición para ocultar sus imperfecciones.

A continuación puedes ver algunas de las publicaciones de esta instagramer que cuenta con 1,2 millones de seguidores en la red social.


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Insta vs Reality – or let’s talk SITTING I would NEVER ACTUALLY sit like the picture on the left. Because I’m not even sitting. I’m hovering. My quads are holding my body weight. My core is tight, my back arched. And I am up OFF my HEELS, otherwise my thighs would squish and dimple all around my feet and legs. Because, hey, that’s what SKIN DOES. The way I sit is like the right: relaxed, chilled, my limbs in comfortable positions. BOTH pics are fantastic, and I’m totally here for it if you want to POSE or chill, ARCH or RELAX. Whatever speaks to you, go for it. My goal today is just to PULL BACK that CURTAIN And remind you again, and again, and as many times as I need to that SOCIAL MEDIA is NOT REAL. These quick, fleeting instances are filtered, Posed. Smoothed. Lit. Oiled. Glossed. Until perfection is all we are presented with. But us humans, we are way more WONDERFUL than that. And our bodies are just wrappings for what sits inside: Our souls. Our hearts. Our spirits. All the things that don’t perk up or slouch down when a camera flicks off or on. And all the things that matter SO MUCH MORE than a single SELFIE ever could. Hope that helps today. You’re incredible girl. Don’t ever forget it. x #instavsreality #posedvsrelaxed #socialmediavsreality #celluliteisnormal

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Do you SIT differently in PUBLIC than you do in PRIVATE? I did. For YEARS I did. In public, I would pose. Squeeze. Arch. Tighten. In private, I’d sit comfortably: shoulders relaxed, body loose, just being human. And I imagine that maybe, just maybe, I’m not alone. I read an article once talking about the BEST WAY to POSITION your body on the beach. It was all ‘knees up, core tight, never lay flat’. And if you had extra wiggles and jiggles around the hips and thighs? The article recommended DIGGING A HOLE in the SAND. To put that bum into. So it would, you know, look LESS. As a teen, I did these things. And then, as an adult, I still held myself sucked in or avoided crossing my legs because heaven forbid anyone should see my CELLULITE. Things have CHANGED in this last year. I wish they would have changed so much sooner. So today, I just want to remind you: It is OK to sit comfortably. To RELAX while you’re RELAXING. Perfection isn’t the price you pay to exist in a human body. And comfort is pretty darn incredible. Posing is great fun, but NOT POSING doesn’t make you worth ANY LESS. Even if it means your wobbly bits come out on show. Or your skin folds. Or you’re just, well, YOU. Because being YOU is incredible. And worthy. And powerful. In whatever way, shape, or form. You got this girl. Go sit comfortably. x Photos @chiclebelle who is just the best #selflove #selfacceptance #bodyacceptance #iweigh #feminist

Una publicación compartida de Danae | Angles + Self Love (@danaemercer) el

Una modelo muestra la verdad sobre las fotos en Instagram
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